From the Principal

  •  Dear Students and Families:

                      Welcome to Conway High School! We hope that your three years with us will be educationally profitable for you.

                      High school is an exciting, memorable time in the life of a young person. The workload and social adjustments are greater here than at any other level of your public school experience. At CHS you will be expected to give your best effort. Our students compete arduously in academia and extracurricular activities, and exhibit the upmost respect and dignity for self and others. Your years will be exciting and filled with many new opportunities!

                      On this website, you will find a plethora of information to aid you in your educational journey. This Home Page intends to provide you with information about the community, the curriculum, and extracurricular activities at Conway High School. Come explore Conway High and discover a school where opportunity for quality education abounds for all students.

                      Please read all items carefully. Students/Parents are responsible for knowing the contents of their handbooks. In addition, the expectation on the first day will be to go directly to your homeroom upon entry of our buildings after first bell to receive an updated copy of individual class schedules.

                      Again, welcome to Conway High!



    Buck Bing


Contact Us

  • Principal:

    Buck Bing: 501-450-4880, ext. 260

    Assistant Principals:

    Kate Worley (A-C): 501-450-4880, ext. 234

    Todd Dooley (Hi-Me): 501-450-4880, ext. 263

    Brad Etters (Mi-Sh): 501-450-4880, ext. 250

    Lordes Goodnight (Si-Z): 501-450-4880, ext. 240

    Ty Hendricks (D-He): 501-450-4880, ext. 227 

    Deans of Students:

    Ed Franklin (A-L): 501-450-4880, ext. 249

    Scott Schwartz (M-Z): 501-450-4880, ext. 266

    Front Office:

    Rebecca Kelley: 501-450-4880, ext. 1 


    Kori Bartholomew: 501-450-4880, ext. 229

    Takisha Thompson: 501-450-4880, ext. 281

    Attendance Office Fax #: 501-513-0031


    Tracy Jones: 501-450-4880, ext. 223 


    Jan Armstrong (D-He): 501-450-4880, ext. 238

    Angie Nix (A-C): 501-450-4880, ext. 225

    Cameron Jernigan (Hi-Me): 501-450-4880, ext. 226

    Gerard Martin (Si-Z): 501-450-4880, ext. 232

    Maggie Martin (Mi-Sh) 501-450-4880, ext. 224

    Counseling Center Fax #: 501-513-0035


    Carla Jett: 501-450-4880, ext. 222

    Registrar Fax #: 501-450-4884


    Amy Kordsmeier: 501-450-4880, ext. 254

    Nurse Wright: 501-450-4880, ext. 254