Theodore Jones Teacher of the Year



Degrees and Certifications:

Nathan Howse

 Mr. Howse’s own personal experience as a student has led to his innovative, creative, unique teaching style that transcends most people’s idea of what a typical kindergarten classroom looks like and sounds like. As a student, Nathan spent a lot of time being frustrated and never feeling like he excelled in school. School was not fun. He chose to become a teacher so that he could change his own personal perception of education as well as make learning fun for kids that just cannot sit still. 

Nathan’s goal as an educator is to find something that every kid excels in because every student deserves to feel celebrated at school. Students who need kinesthetic learning often find success in his room because their learning styles are similar to Nathan’s. Nathan has served as a mentor to many students who need a male role model. Nathan has a natural ability to make connections with students who struggle academically and emotionally, make them feel valued and important, and you can find a handful of these students hanging out near his classroom every morning just waiting to start their day with his encouragement.