CPSD Food Service

Serving Students: "Whatever It Takes"

  • Collage of Photos from packing and distributing food boxes in the Spring of 2020 With around 60 total employees, including their administrative staff, the CPSD Food Service Department has been the "Little Engine that Could" throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    When schools closed in March, they were ready with a plan two days later, assembling together to pack and distribute 500 food boxes to families in our community.

    The response was completely overwhelming- cars lined up for three hours straight, winding through the parking lot and blocking several nearby streets.

    Next time, they doubled their efforts- packing 1,000 boxes. Each box carefully planned out and packed to contain 10 breakfasts and 10 lunches to feed one of our students for a week.

    Meal Box Distribution continued weekly until the end of May- around 1,000 boxes each week, moving from one pick-up location to two to 7-8 across the district. 

    By the end of the school year, a total of 23,053 boxes had been distributed to families. 230,530 meals to students during the spring semester quarantine.

    Each box was meant as a tangible reminder to our students that we missed them and care about them, and were looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Meals for Virtual Students

Food items found in food box for virtual students (Doritos chips, milk, juice, frozen grilled cheese sandwiches, cereal,etc.)
Each virtual meal box includes items for five student breakfasts and five student lunches.
  • Virtual Meal Boxes

    With around 3,300 students in our district learning virtually from home this semester, our food service department is preparing and packing virtual meal boxes for these students. Parents go to our website each week to place an order for their virtual meals, then drive through to pick them up every Monday at the Food Service Warehouse.

    This school year, we have distributed 1,397 virtual meal boxes. Each box contains 10 breakfasts and 10 lunches for a total of 6,940 virtual breakfasts and 6,984 virtual lunches so far this year.

Making Headlines


  • In May, Maggie raised $2,046 to help provide food boxes to families within the Conway School District.

    Along with this amazing accomplishment she's done many other great things such as... 

    • When Maggie was younger she acted in movies, such as "Killing of Winston Jones", "Partners", and "OK Go; I'm Not Through."
    • Maggie ran a necklace business called "Twice Loved by Maggie B" that donated its profits to the Humane Society and Children's Hospital.
    • This past summer, she interned with The First Lady of Arkansas, Susan Hutchinson.
    • In April, she was gifted the Hendrix-Murphy Book Award for literary studies.