Chromebook FAQ's


    What is a Chromebook? 

    • A Chromebook is a laptop of a different breed. Instead of Windows or Mac OS.   Chromebooks run Google's Chrome OS. These machines are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, with most applications and documents living in the cloud. You should find that it starts up more quickly than a PC or laptop because it does not run manprocesses. Most anything you can do via the internet you can do on a Chromebook. 


    Why Chromebook? 

    • Chromebooks are an affordable Internet appliance that will get students onto the Internet and to utilize the Google Apps suite. The Google ecosystem provides a robust, low cost (actually free), cloud-based platform that is a good fit for achieving learning standards and other curriculum goals to increase student engagement, further involve students in active learning, and provide students with 21st Century skills such as communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration, along with content expertise. Because of their tremendous adoption rates in K12, we can be assured that Chromebooks will be compatible with major web-based applications moving forward. At the same time, teachers and students are not locked into the device per se, as Google Apps can be accessed from PCs, Macs, iPads, Androids, etc. 


    Which students will be getting Chromebooks? 

    • All CPSD students will be provided with a district-owned Chromebook during the academic year 


    What kinds of things will students be doing with these devices? 

    • Students will be creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and projects. They will be able to do so collaboratively because documents can be shared among the users. Students will be completing assignments online and then uploading them again online to their teachers through Schoology and Google Classroom. 
    • Because of the constant internet connection, students will be able to collaborate not only with immediate classmates, but with content and other learners around the world. 


    How much do I have to pay for this? 

    • The Chromebook is being loaned to each CPSD student. The Chromebook, like a textbook, is CPSD property and students are responsible for the care and condition of the device and must return the Chromebook when informed to do so. 


    What is my student’s obligation with this technology? 

    • The student’s Chromebook is an important learning tool and is for educational purposes only. In order to take your Chromebook home each day, Grade K - 12 students are required to accept terms found in the Chromebook Acceptable Use Policy and The District Acceptable Use Policy for Computer Based Resources. 


    Will devices be kept by students over summer? 

    • No. Devices will be turned in at the end of the school year so the district can do maintenance on them. Devices will be re-issued at the start of the school year to continuing students. Devices issued to students who leave the district (move, graduate, etc.) will be reformatted and re-issued to other students on an as-needed basis. 


    Home Use FAQs 


    Can I run or install other applications – such as Microsoft Office or Photoshop? 

    • Chromebooks do not have desktop applications, such as Office, Photoshop, Premiere/Final Cut Studio, or even iTunes.  Chromebooks use weapps and websites, so you can’t install traditional software on them. However, it will run Google’s own applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and email. These applications will open and save files in Office format. It will be important to explore, understand, and share these alternatives with students. 


    Chromebook Protection Plan FAQs 


    Am I required to participate in the Chromebook Protection Plan?  

    • No. Conway Public School District recognizes that with the implementation of the 1:1 Chromebook Initiative there is a need to protect the investment for the district, as well as the student and parent/guardian; however, this is optional. All students grades K-12 taking a device home may participate in the CPSD Chromebook $20 Protection Plan if they choose.   


    What if I can’t afford the Chromebook Protection Plan?  

    • If your student is unable to afford the Chromebook Protection fee, please speak with a school administrator to work out an arrangement. 


    What happens if the device is damaged or lost?  

    • Students and parents will be responsible for district-owned technology property that is issued to them, just as they are for other district owned items such as textbooks, calculators, cameras, athletics equipment or library books. The district will repair or replace the device, but students and parents will be responsible for the cost of those repairs or replaced devices in accordance with CPSD ChromebooProtection Plan. 


    How would you go about repairing a chromebook that is not functioning? 

    • If you have a damaged or non-functioning device, the student or parent should let the teacher know wherever they are so the repair process can begin  


    Do repair fees need to be paid up front? 

    • Paying for repairs is preferred to be done up front, but in certain situations arrangements can be made for payment plans so students can continue using their device. 


    What if another student damages my student’s device? 

    • In such cases, circumstances will be investigated on a case-by-case basis. School administration and the School Resource Officer may be involved if it is suspected to an intentional act or act of vandalism. 


    Google Apps for Education (GAFE) FAQs 


    What login will students use to get into the device operating system? 

    • Students will each have an district assigned GAFE account that is their primary username and password. 


    What is Google Apps for Education (GAFE)? 

    • Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a core suite of productivity applications that Google offers to schools and educational institutions for FREE. These communication and collaboration apps include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Sites, and a GAFE account unlocks access to dozens of other collaborative tools supported by Google. All of these applications exists completely online (or in the cloud), meaning that all creations can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection. 


    Will ALL student have an email address? 

    • Yes, grades K-12 will have a district assigned email.