Your Rights Under IDEA

  • Your Rights Under IDEA contain information including, but not limited to the following:

    • The right to a complete explanation of all procedural safeguards available under IDEA
    • The right to access student’s education records
    • The right to participate in special education meetings and decisions
    • The right to a written notice on any proposed actions
    • The right to give or deny consent for an evaluation or initial placement
    • The right to disagree with decisions made by the school system
    • The right to obtain an independent evaluation
    • The right to dispute resolution through mediation, state complaint investigation, resolution sessions, and/or due process hearings
    • Explanation of discipline procedures for students with disabilities
    • The right of students that reach the age of majority (18) to have rights transferred to them

      Should you need help understanding these rights, sources will be provided to you by your building Special Education Designee and/or Special Education Teacher.

    Additionally, you may contact the following Special Education Administrators at (501)450-6634:

    Kelli Gordon, Director of Special Education

    Sheila Williams, Supervisor of Special Education

    Tina Gilbert, Supervisor of Special Education

Parent Rights