FAQs Advanced Placement

  • Why should a student enroll in Pre-AP?

  • Who can be in a Pre-AP class?

  • How does seventh grade Accelerated Math differ from seventh grade Pre-AP Math?

  • How do sixth and seventh grade Accelerated Science and eighth grade Physical Science-Integrated Differ from sixth, seventh, and eighth grade science and ninth grade Physical Science-Integrated?

  • What if a student is struggling in a Pre-AP class?

  • How does Pre-AP differ from AP?

  • Who chooses a student’s courses for Pre-AP?

  • How does Pre-AP affect AP?

  • Are there any prerequisites for Pre-AP classes?

  • Will a student have time for after school activities if enrolled in Pre-AP courses?

  • What does open-enrollment mean?

FAQs Gifted Education

  • We are moving into Conway. How will my child's previous identification as a gifted student be handled?

  • Why don't gifted students have IEPs and other safeguards similar to special education students?

  • Why are identification procedures and services different from district to district?

  • What do I do if I disagree with the decision of the identification committee?

  • What is a cut-off score? How are cut-off scores determined?

  • What is AGATE?