Schedule Changes

  • Please Note:

    Schedule changes have serious effects both on each student’s individual schedule and on the class size of the course into which he/she is transferring. Decisions about the number of sections per department are made in the spring based upon students’ course selections during the registration process. Each student is registered individually and given ample opportunities to make his/her schedule choices. Students are expected to enroll in the classes they selected at that time. If you need assistance, please contact your counselor.

    Rules for Changing Your Class Schedule, ​grades 10-12:

    1. Schedule changes will be made only for the following reasons:
      • There was a misplacement due to lack of prerequisite or background;
      • A student earns credit over the summer;
      • A senior is not scheduled in a class needed for graduation;
      • There is a conflict in the master schedule that requires a schedule change.
    2. No classes will be changed after the 5th day of a new semester other than a student dropping a class and being placed in study hall (provided the student doesn’t already have a study hall). A student must be registered for six (6) subjects each semester or have permission from the principal to do otherwise.
    3. Dropping any class after the first four (4) weeks will result in a “WF” for that semester in that course.
    4. Elective class changes are made only for classes that have an out-of-school practice/time commitment that can no longer be honored by the student.
    5. Students enrolled in a full-year course (including Pre-AP) will remain in that course for the full year. The only exception to dropping a year-long course at semester will be a student having a failing first semester grade (or a “D” with teacher recommendation).
    6. Teachers cannot be selected – all teachers will work hard for the success of each student, and students are expected to work hard to be successful with the schedule received.
    7. Changing from an AP class to a regular class will be considered at the end of the first nine weeks and at semester only, with the following requirement:
      • Percentage grade of less than 70 percent;
      • A parent/teacher/student conference has been held to discuss what can be done for the student to be successful in the current class;
      • Space is available.
    8. Students must always attend the classes on his/her schedule until receiving an official schedule from the counseling center reflecting the new class(es).