Preparing for College

  •  What do colleges look for?

    1. Strength of your curriculum
    2. Your GPA
    3. SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Tests scores
    4. Application essays
    5. Extracurricular activities
    6. Recommendations

     Teacher & Counselor Recommendations

    • Here are some guidelines that should help you secure better recommendations
    • Start early. Your teachers and counselors are swamped, so give them plenty of time.
    • Give your teachers and counselors all the necessary materials, including your application deadlines and stamped, addressed envelopes or a link to online recommendations.
    • Waive your confidentiality rights.
    • Pick your recommenders wisely. Don't pick a teacher just because you got an A in his or her class. It's important that the teacher or counselor knows you well.
    • Promptly send a thank-you note to each person who gives you a recommendation.


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