CHS Teacher of the Year



Degrees and Certifications:

Brick Cullum

Brick Cullum is a social studies teacher at Conway High School. He began his career there in 2018 after graduating summa cum laude from the University of Central Arkansas. Mr. Cullum has taught a variety of courses and is excited about thinking of new ways to engage learners. He believes the more meaningful students think lessons are, the better their growth will be.

Throughout his four years as an educator, Cullum has taken on a variety of responsibilities. He is the high school and Arkansas state Beta sponsor. Brick has worked to facilitate thousands of hours of community service and various state initiatives. Mr. Cullum is perhaps most proud of his work supporting CPSD's core value related to diversity, as “value and respect diversity” is dear to his heart. In 2021, Mr. Cullum worked with his African American History classes to launch the CHS Black History Museum: A Year of Triumph. The website was featured in multiple news outlets and helped foster celebrations throughout the district. This project was the eventual basis for the launch of “Mirrors,” the CHS diversity quarterly. Launching in October 2021, “Mirrors” features student content that celebrates every unique person in the district and allows them to “see themselves” for possibly the first time. Mr. Cullum’s goal was to create a living, breathing platform whereby students could take ownership of valuable conversations. As of April 2022, the four published volumes of student content have been viewed over 13,000 times in over a dozen countries.